September Happenings

What a strange month that was! A mix of celebrations ( Australian Father’s Day, Terry’s birthday, some friends farewell, other friends return…) should have kept me busy in the galley, but strangely enough, it was the lousy weather that forced me indoors.

rain - fb

22 successive days of rain meant hours spent either in the galley, cooking favourites and experimenting with new recipes, or looking for inspiration on the internet. Here are some of my most memorable moments:

–          EXPERIMENTING with Baked Cauliflower slices smothered with bacon and vegetables, side of avocado and tomato salad, layered coconut cake, lemon cream cookies




coconut cake - fb

lemon cream cookies - fb








–          ALL TIME FAVOURITES with Pan fried chicken and Caesar salad, pizza bar, roast chicken with macaronis

chicken caesar - fb


pizza bar - fb

grilled chicken - fb











–          EATING HEALTHY with Quinoa salad, very raw salad, potato and spinach salad

quinoa salad - fb






raw salad - fb

potato salad - fb








–          MEXICAN COOKING with Pork Verde and black beans, spicy garlic prawns

spicy prawns - fb

–          LEARNING about food photography (what else?) here , INSPIRED by this funny French girl

–          CELEBRATING Father’s Day diving with Dive Aventuras Mexico , Terry’s birthday at Dreams (all inclusive resort where you can only drink and eat so much before passing out from food coma!)

And just on cue, as a friend came to stay for a few days, the sun came out and actually stayed out for the end of the month. Perfect days to enjoy lounging around in Tulum and sample some of the best Mexican food.

mexican feast - fb

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