One last Mexican culinary tour

You would think that after 12 months in Mexico, we’d have had enough of the local food ( actually one of us does, and systematically orders burgers whenever we go out) I remember back in November, overdoing the Mexican theme, and feeling “over” Mexicana Cocina. But after 2 weeks  in France, indulging in rich cheesy, garlicky and buttery dishes, the kids and I rediscovered the appeal of tacos, nachos and ceviche.

So, when our January guests asked to sample as much Mexican food as possible, I gladly obliged taking them on a culinary tour around Riviera Maya. Like a previous Australian visitor last year, there was no time for long excursions to Merida or far away ruins, so we stuck to local favourites ( Latitudes 20, La Zebra  and La Bomba Jarocha who by now must consider us part of their furniture ) as well as feasts on board! Below are some of the highlights from yet another Food Lover’s visit in Mexico.


Ok, this is not a food picture. But we took friends out on the boat one day, and wild dolphins came to play on our bow.  We’re used to it, but our guests thought that was pretty cool !!!




Buffet lunch on the boat…sea air makes everyone hungry!



Breakfast by Anne





Chicken quiche, when quick and easy dinner is on the menu!


Relaxing drinks at Tulum… Perfect snack, guacamole served with pork rind chips!




Ceviche how I like it, not too much lemon juice, just the fish!



Cazuela de Marisco, or Fish soup, Playa way…still working on the recipe



A kitchen to scare any Australian health inspector, but producing the best food around!




Like this fried fish in garlic and chili sauce. Yummmm!


Sample plates for our guests: beef tacos, beef nachos, guacamole, chicken with refried beans.




Maybe you can have too much nachos after all…




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