Pink and Stripes

We’ve had requests from our daughter lately to cook “something soft” (the reasons, I can’t describe on this blog, as I am bound to secrecy by said daughter “Privacy please, Mum!”).

So liquid breakfasts are back on the rotation, and yesterday ‘s was this gorgeous looking strawberry smoothie. I can assure you it tasted as nice as it looks, and got the thumbs up from even the pickiest eater!

What’s in it?

A handful of strawberries (or more to taste!)

2 cups of frozen bananas ( very ripe bananas that no one wants to eat, I cut them in round slices and freeze them for smoothie making later!)

1 cup of yoghurt (I prefer plain, there is enough sugar in the bananas, but that’s up to you)

4-5 ice cubes


Blend the lot for 25 seconds and pour in individual glasses. Voila!

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