Welcome to my galley!

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Welcome to my Galley!

First things first: the galley is to a boat what the kitchen is to a house. Our current boat is a 56ft catamaran, which is a very comfortable size as far as boats go. Some traditional yachties will probably say that my galley is so large, it should be called a kitchen, but personally I’ll stick to the lingo. Besides, it may be spacious for a boat, but still is limited compared to a house.

The galley is where you will find me most of the time, whether we are cruising or not. I had no input in the design of the latest one, but appreciate a lot of its features: full size gas oven/grill, domestic fridge/freezers, wine racks ( what else would you expect from a French built boat?), deep double sinks, soft closing drawers, and tons of bench space (for a boat that is…) As you can see, we even have an island, how luxurious! My biggest challenge is keeping this space clutter free, available for prep. Also, being part of the saloon and opening onto the back deck, any mess is in full view of the rest of the crew. Not very attractive when you have guests around. That’s when I wish we had a dishwasher (the option is available), where I could hide everything! Maybe next boat…

This picture was taken during our Transatlantic crossing, nearly 2 years ago. The fish weren’t biting that day, so we settled for Hamburgers served with crisps (as opposed to hot chips, I don’t deep fry at sea !!)

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  1. Love it Voahangy! Tell Terry I for one will be a regular visitor to galleyvantingaround. Love the name too. Why isn’t the picture of you cooking the one when you cooked for Bastille Day? LOL Happy cooking and writing, looking forward to it. Cheers Terri

  2. Thank you Terri. I am glad to count you in! All these years of talking about food, finally finding a proper outlet…

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