Morning rush: Nectarine Thickshake

Monday morning 6.30 am. Rush hour on board, it has been a busy weekend entertaining with friends and my usually organised self is all over the place today : I am wrapping lunches, kids are getting ready for school looking for clean uniforms and matching socks, their father keeping an eye on the watch…” we leave in 20 minutes!”

Me: “ Hurry up and have breakfast”

Son: “ We’re out of milk, can’t have cereals!”

Daughter: “Can I have the last toasts?”

Son: “ What else is there?” (Note to myself: nearly 17 years old, about time he learns to fend for himself)

Me: “ Look in the fridge, I am sure we have left overs of something”

Son: “ All I can see is some mooshy nectarines and just enough yogurt for one person”

Me: “Perfect. Who wants nectarine thick shake?”

So, that was breakfast, an express version of our beloved smoothie.

Nectarine Thickshake


Only 3 ingredients: nectarines (2 very ripe, seeded and quartered), yoghurt (2 tablespoons), and some almond meal left over from a frangipane tart I made a while ago ( 1 tablespoon). Blend for 10 seconds. Serve in a bowl with a sprinkling of granola for crunch ( to your liking). Enough for one.
Had I been more organised I would have added some orange juice, a handful of mint leaves, maybe some honey and even ice cubes… But that’s the deluxe version, I save it for days when I don’t need to have everybody out the door in 15 minutes!



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