Monthly Archives: July 2014

After weeks of South American fare and endless versions of fish dishes, here comes the moment I have been waiting for months: Tahiti and its food market! My recollection from 6 years ago was of a vibrant place with stalls brimming with local fruits and vegetables, as well as all kinds of fish on offer. It had been a real treat for us, fans of raw fish, presented with an overwhelming choice:… Read More

Besides coconuts, the main item on the Paumotus diet is seafood. Fish, lobsters, octopus and crabs are all available inside and outside the lagoons, and every local we met is a practised fisherman (or woman). Each visit at Laiza’s kitchen in Hirifa, would bring a surprise: freshly caught lagoon fish turned into carpaccio or an octopus silly enough to swim in front of the house speared and thrown into a coconut curry… Read More